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Cannabis Cultivation Lighting Upgrade

In cannabis cultivation, lighting is one of the most important aspects of the growing environment, especially for an indoor grow facility. As there have been improvements in lighting and technology in cannabis cultivation over the past several years, it might be time to consider a lighting upgrade.

3C has consulted with cannabis businesses running well-designed, efficient operations that somehow hit a ceiling. Despite their strong performance, these cultivation facilities could not increase their yields and the quality of their product beyond a certain point. While their yields and quality of flower may be respectable, these operations realize that greater efficiency and the ability to differentiate one’s product is essential as more and more cannabis cultivators are getting started in this rapidly growing industry.

In some of these cases, 3C’s Efficiency and Productivity Audits revealed that a lighting upgrade was in order to help the operation get over the hurdle they were facing.

3C has extensive experience helping customers with lighting upgrades. Upgrading the lighting in an entire facility can be an expensive and intimidating prospect. For some clients, it’s a shock to learn that much of the new lighting technology on the market has not yet demonstrated trustworthiness or exceptional performance. Which it’s even more important to have someone with experience (as opposed to the lighting company salesperson), help you choose the best cannabis cultivation lighting system for your facility.

Lighting Upgrade Case Study

WHAT HAPPENED: 3C was able to guide our client in the replacement of 100 lights devoted to flowering plants. This lighting upgrade replaced their traditional, single-ended HPS lamps in vented hoods to Gavita Pro 1000e DE fixtures.

THE COST: The capital costs required to take down the old hoods and install the new fixtures, along with associated AC upgrades, came to $64,500. Increased operating expenses from the additional AC resulted in $9,110.40 during the first year, for a total investment of $73,610.40.

BEFORE: Prior to 3C’s expert consulting, the facility was generating 1.4 pounds of cannabis flower per light, yielding five annual harvests and $1.4 million in revenue from the flower (assuming $2,000 per pound as the wholesale going rate).

AFTER: When our client had completed their lighting upgrade, their yield was increased to 2.1 pounds per light. Based on the improved yield figures, the facility was able to generate $2.1 million in revenue, netting a return of $700,000 in the first year. That’s ten times the amount invested, just from the sale of cannabis flower. Additionally, ongoing maintenance and replacement costs were lowered, as were employee risk and liability, all while the quality of the product improved and the amount of trim-able to be processed into oil and infused into edibles increased.

Are you considering a lighting upgrade for your cannabis cultivation facility?

If so, contact 3C today for an Efficiency and Productivity Audit of your facility, greenhouse, or outdoor site. Our team of experienced cannabis professionals will examine your operation and be able to offer concrete proposals on how to maximize your production at a minimal cost to you.

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