3C™ is itself an ancillary cannabis industry service, composed of high-level and detailed cannabis industry knowledge and best practices for cultivators, processors, extraction organizations, ancillary services, and medical and adult-use recreational dispensaries. The beauty of 3C™’s extensive cannabis industry expertise and consulting services is our ability to pass knowledge gleaned over decades on to you. This advice can also help guide and grow your marijuana ancillary business to new heights.

While 3C™’s specific consulting advice will be tailored to your business, some overarching concerns of industry ancillary businesses include:

  • Ensuring state and local regulatory compliance
  • Funding acquisition
  • Branding and marketing your ancillary business’ services to the correct consumers
  • Structuring and designing your business for success
  • Access to industry connections or networks
  • Business products efficiency and production concerns

New cannabis ancillary businesses are created every day, and a fantastic idea should not be lost simply due to a lack of implementation knowledge. 3C™’s consulting services can help your ancillary business idea become a reality and a success through cannabis compliance, proper structuring, and support. Contact 3C™ today for a Basic Audit or Advanced Audit, or let us know how we can help your business succeed.

3C was recognized as a “Top Ancillary Business” by Cannabis Business Executive for the last two years.


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