Cannabis Investment Requires Extensive Knowledge and Experience

Since cannabis industry regulations and business needs frequently change, 3C™ can use its past experience and deep knowledge of the marijuana industry to help investors vet a cannabis business or ancillary services provider. As most investors understand the cannabis industry is fraught with risk, we can provide invaluable insight towards making sound and dependable cannabis investments.

3C™ launched its Strategic Cannabis Investment Advisory Services (SCIAS) program to directly work with your investment team for complete evaluation and due diligence of potential additions to your portfolio. We will combine our extensive cannabis consulting experience with your current portfolio strategies to help you assess risks accurately, and optimize your ability to make intelligent decisions in the cannabis investment sector.

Due to the rapid and consistent growth of the the industry, many institutional investors are looking for dependable and lucrative investments. 3C™ has determined the most significant factors which can affect cannabis industry investments over time, which are:

  • Product or service efficacy
  • Intellectual property and cannabis industry uniqueness
  • Management team experience
  • Branding and market size
  • Compliance

In addition, 3C™’s keen eye, many years of cannabis consulting experience, hundreds of cannabis industry contacts, direct familiarity with the legality and compliance of commercial cannabis businesses, and demonstrated leadership in developing industry best practices are essential to accurately assessing strategic cannabis investment opportunities.

3C™’s Strategic Cannabis Investment Advisory Services (SCIAS) Program Will Provide Specific Industry Knowledge to your Portfolio Strategies

3C™ is committed to assisting our clients with better understanding strategic cannabis investments.

We will provide the following to clients considering one or more cannabis investment opportunities:

  • Comprehensive investment startup review
  • Business plan overview and comments
  • Financial model review
  • Market and competitive analysis
  • Distribution and supply chain model review
  • Management team review and reputation analysis
  • State-by-state and county-by-county cannabis compliance review

3C™ executives have over 20 years of cumulative experience working in strategic cannabis investments in markets across the country, internationally, and in all facets of the industry. From cultivation, manufacturing, processing/extraction, dispensary operations, and the multitude of ancillary services that support those core business types, we bring an informed, fact-based, forward-looking perspective to evaluating potential industry investments. Additionally, 3C™ executives participate in various government and private regulatory workgroups throughout the US and internationally. We are directly involved in providing guidance to those shaping the present and future of industry regulation. Learn from our experience and knowledge to make more informed decisions within the cannabis industry.

3C was recognized as a “Top Ancillary Business” by Cannabis Business Executive for the last two years.


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