3C™’s intention is to help your cannabis dispensary, whether medical, adult-use/recreational, or both, achieve its goals of providing patients and consumers with safe, reliable, high-quality and satisfying products and services. With sizable industry consulting expertise earned through years of experience, 3C™ can help make starting a marijuana business a celebrated success.

The most meaningful aspects of owning and operating a medical, adult-use, or combination cannabis dispensary are:

  • Initial in-depth dispensary review
  • Dispensary licensing acquisition
  • Prime business location
  • Patient, employee, and community health and safety
  • State and local regulatory compliance
  • Unique cannabis products, safely produced and packaged
  • Branding and brand-building
  • Ongoing business compliance audits

Your cannabis dispensary was created with the patients and consumers in mind; for their satisfaction, your business should adhere to all state and local regulations, practice ongoing compliance, and build brand and brand position throughout its life cycle. 3C™ is capable of assisting you in reviewing your initial business plan, acquiring licensure, locating real estate, and helping your brand rise to the top while remaining compliant.

3C was recognized as a “Top Ancillary Business” by Cannabis Business Executive for the last two years.


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