Pre-sale cannabis or industrial hemp product testing has become a requisite activity for all production, cultivation, extraction, or dispensary organizations. Industry business law has determined the right of cannabis consumers to know which pesticides or contaminants may affect products. 3C Comprehensive Cannabis Consulting™ puts patients and consumers first throughout this process, allowing businesses to do what they do best: create and cultivate product. 3C™ can also guide your testing lab through from start to completion. Through Basic or Advanced Audits, as well as during the process of evaluating and designing your business from start to finish, 3C™’s proficiency supports and advises lab testing startups and operations.

The requirements of an effective cannabis testing lab include:

  • Health and safety of employees
  • Environmental safety
  • Brand protection and recall defense for your clients
  • State, local, and federal marijuana pesticide regulation compliance
  • Prevention of client crop loss due to contaminants, product quality control, and batch-to-batch consistency for your clients

3C™’s cannabis business professionals can guide your testing lab business toward complete compliance with industry and state regulations, and you protect your clients’ employees, consumers, and patients from contaminants in products. As you build your brand, recognition of your lab testing efforts toward ensuring product safety and consistency will be rewarded through repeat business and growing consumer confidence in your clients’ cannabis products. For clients with successful, operating cannabis testing labs, 3C™’s Basic Audit and Advanced Audit can provide insight and confidence in your services and results.

3C was recognized as a “Top Ancillary Business” by Cannabis Business Executive for the last two years.


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