You’ve been working hard to make your cannabis products the best they can be; now is the time to show the world what you’ve created. 3C Comprehensive Cannabis Consulting™ can help you distribute your products to the state, the nation, and internationally through time-tested and proven cannabis/hemp wholesale distribution strategies. Whether you started with 3C™ as a budding commercial business, or simply need to scale your business, find a larger client-base through marketing, or expand internationally, we are here to provide guidance and strategies that work.

In the cannabis or industrial hemp wholesale distribution space, the key aspects of successful wholesale distribution are:

  • Distinctive cannabis/hemp varieties and products
  • Unsurpassed product quality
  • High volume product production
  • Industry regulatory compliance
  • Safe processing and cannabis extraction procedures
  • Effective research and development practices for commercial businesses
  • Retail and medical cannabis dispensary access and knowledge

Your products are an extension of your business values and your clientele; let 3C™ help your clients find them, and increase your shareholder value and revenue in the process.

3C was recognized as a “Top Ancillary Business” by Cannabis Business Executive for the last two years.


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